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> Parking system (30)

smart parking system

smart parking system Specification: Operating voltage: 110-220V ± 15% 60/50Hz  IC / ID card reader time: ≤ 0.1s  Communication: RS232/RS485  Baud rate: 19200bps/e/8  Spit card / Tunka / spit ticket / scan function (optional)&...     Read More
2014-4-24 15:01:21

Fake products notice

     Read More
2019-6-4 15:23:42

Automatic payment Machine(WQH-P869)

 15”LCD display,support TCP/IP,TFT multimedia,voice friendly reminders, support for the bill receiving, coin collector(MEXICO COINS), give charge Automatically give the bill change system Printing charges certificate(display transaction time, date, message) Identifying...     Read More
2018-6-4 18:49:18


 internet intercom     Read More
2018-6-4 18:25:35

voice prompt (WQ-SP08)

 hommization prompt     Read More
2018-6-4 18:23:39

printer (wq-p891)

Line type thermosensitive printing, The print density is 8 /mm, The paper is printed in the direction of paper. Velocity 220mm/s (Max), Print width 64mm/72mm, Automatic paper cutting, Row width 3.75mm, The selection of thermosensitive paper is 79.5 + 0.5mm, The maximum diame...     Read More
2018-6-4 17:59:48

special power (WQ-DC12V)

 spcial cable power for control board and all accessories inside the entry box or exit box     Read More
2018-6-4 15:08:01

card collector (WQ_008)

 collect card,put the card inside,barrier will open     Read More
2018-6-4 15:03:13

Pressure wave (WQ-DW05)

 pressure wave: protect the car      Read More
2018-6-4 14:57:37

IC card register (WQ-AOID)

 use for card's authorization(when only realize this function which can choose)and temporary card charges       Read More
2018-6-4 14:18:18

IC card reader(WQ-RDC48EM)

 reading card distance 3~15CM,antistatic interference 15KV,transmission distance of 100m,options for Wiegand26-34 and 484 interface      Read More
2018-6-4 14:17:01

card dispenser+Ic card(WQ-AOTY05)

 come out the card which is read,take out the card which barrier is open;the maximum card volume for 200 pcs(the card thickness for 0.8mm)       Read More
2018-6-4 14:15:29
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